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Introducing Cheetah: A Lightweight Virtual Machine Manager for macOS

Cheetah harnesses the power of Virtualization.framework, the latest technology in virtualization, to provide an unparalleled experience in creating and managing virtual machines. With its sleek and intuitive interface, Cheetah simplifies the process of setting up and running virtual environments, empowering you to accomplish more with your Mac.

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Why Cheetah?

  • Fast: Our virtual machine instances start in seconds, ensuring quick deployment for your projects.

  • Configurable: You have the flexibility to adjust the virtual hardware capabilities whenever you need, allowing for optimal customization.

  • Simple: Creating a new virtual machine instance is incredibly straightforward with Cheetah, streamlining your workflow.

  • Powerful: Run multiple VM instances simultaneously, enabling efficient multitasking and maximizing resource utilization.

  • Lightweight: Cheetah offers a lightweight user interface that prioritizes functionality and performance over unnecessary flashy elements. Additionally, our installation package size is only 2MB, ensuring minimal disk space usage.